You can already be discerned from my biography, I have a special relation to the theater. A wonderful medium with many clearances! Since my time as an active actor is yes (unfortunately) over now, I like to work as musician or composer and producer on the theater however again and again.

As a musician I played at Hanover some productions at the theatre, too:
“Happy End” and “3 Groschen opera” of B. Brecht, “Alice in wonderland”,
of Roland Schimmelpfennig, “Timm Thaler”, of James Krüss.

With my band Fun Key B. we wrote and played live music for the ballet (“love or war”) in the opera house of Hanover. The production was booked out through more than
3 seasons!!!

I composed and produced the music for these productions:


This production turned out to be extremely difficult for me as a producer since for reasons on copyright the “oldschool” music of Paul Dessau had to be taken on. The director however wanted to have a modern Sound … Here a hearing sample (potpourri) of the result

„Faust, Goethe“ (ja, da sollte es indisch klingen...)


YORK’s Performance im Theater

Music for theater plays

“Verbrennungen” 2013

“Orestie” 2014

“Schuld und Sühne” 2016

“Antigone” 2017

“Endspiel” 2020