York, born as a “city musician” in Bremen. From Hanover began the musical career as a professional musician (saxophone, flute) and later as a composer & producer. He is often booked as a guest soloist in the studio scene and also for bands and is now represented on over 100 CD releases. With his German-African project “Culture Clan” he received an award in 2004 and landed a No.1 hit in South Africa. The last years he has worked together with the following artists (among others): Randy Crawford, Phil Collins, Spice, Cultured Pearls, Mousse T., Jazzkantine, Bahama Soul Club….


Triggered by the Covid 19 Pandemic, YORK has now reinvented himself and presents himself as a solo artist/composer/producer and releases his music on his label “Upper Level Records”.


“Culture Clan & YORK – Lyrical Attack” is released!



by Culture Clan & YORK | Lyrical Attack

Culture Clan & YORK
YORK has always produced music while travelling to South Africa. The success of the first album “Africa” and the founding of Culture Clan by YORK speaks for itself: A No.1 hit in South Africa and 2 awards won (Metro FM Music Award “Best RnB album” & a Channel O Video Award). Now the 2nd album “Lyrical Attack” by Culture Clan & YORK is released and this time with more vocalists from South Africa. Besides the already known lead voices of Zonke Dikana (Voc), Mzo Mzoxolo (Rap) & Amandla Bangeni (Rap) now Lulu Dikana (Voc), Edo Magala (Rap), Ndox Migogo (Voc/Rap) & Mthunzi Fesi (Ragga) are added. The music is a mix of Hip Hop & Soul, recorded with the Culture Clan Band (Matze Meusel/Drums, Matthias Fuerstenberg & Martin Gontarski/Bass, Ralph King/Guit., YORK/ Keyboards, Saxes & Flutes). They are all orchestrally supported by high-calibre wind and string players (some of them members of the Lower Saxony Radio Orchestra and the Hanover State Opera) from Germany! With more than 20 musicians involved, “Lyrical Attack” is “fatter” than the first album.



“ZONKE meets YORK – the early tapes” is released!


“ZONKE meets YORK is a wonderful collaboration between 2 extraordinary artists from 2 different continents. “the early tapes” perfectly captures the chemistry between the 2, with a groovy rhythm that places it between nu soul and acid jazz. “

wordplaymagazine / UK

“What an incredible album! “

WYEP Pittsburgh Radio / USA


“The Vintage Funk Vol​.​1” is released!
12″ Vinyl / CD / Digital


“What a great album this is!
Boogie, Boogie, Boogie – got to one of the best tracks this year!”

Soul Life Radio, UK


The first song “Feel The Groove” was released on 8.4.2022

The first single comes along with a lot of power. Danceable 70ies groove with the vocals of Selena Evan and fat horns and band in analogue vintage sound. YORK shows his groovy side here and presents a part of the new album “The Vintage Funk Vol.1”.


“The SoulJazz Experience Vol.1” is released!
CD | 12″ Vinyl | Digital


“Wow, I haven’t heard such beautiful and danceable jazz in a long time! “

Ali Tschertow / Fishboneletters



The first single “With a bit Kurkuma” incl. video was released on 6.8.2021!

Very representative of the album is the first single “With A Bit Kurkuma”. Danceable 60ies groove with “non-lyric” vocals by Yane Singh where you notice her slightly Indian faible. In addition, the lush horn sections with a york typical baritone sax solo and a short battle between DJ and Fender Rhodes round off the song excellently. Enjoy the music with a bit Kurkuma…!


The second single „The Days In Brazil“
was released on 3.9.2021!

With a lot of Brazilian flair comes the 2nd single “The Days In Brazil” for the album to be released on 17.09.2021 by Upper Level Records. Danceable Latin groove with vocals by Guida de Palma from Lisbon after which you like to swing the dance leg. In addition, a bebop-like riff with sax & flute and a yorktypical tenor sax solo as well as the voice of Gil Scott-Heron characterize the song and give the album a jazzy Latin touch. Enjoy „The Days In Brazil“…!


Tenorsax in action…

Altoflute & U87

My Wurlitzer love

What a vintage sound!