Mousse T.
Bahama Soul Club
Subtone Jazz
Hannover Big Band
York & Stars

Here an interview with York of a known music magazine:
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"Heiss & fettig" ;"live"

"Heiss & fettig"


"Information" "Geheimrezept"



"Hells Kitchen" "Futter für die Seele" "Unbegrenzt haltbar"

"Hells Kitchen"

"Futter für die Seele"

"Unbegrenzt haltbar"


I joined in this project was nerve-racking from 1996 to 2008. Yo, this had been a randy time !!! We recorded many CDs. Over the years there was a lot of “Rock ‘n’ Roll” in the tour bus and in various hotels. You need some power to stand this. You look 1st video therefore:

York zieht den Bus York, Festival CH

Play this video k, im E-Werk mit Band



Zugestiegen dabeisein (feat. Till Brönner, TP)

CD “Guormet de Funk”

CD “Guormet de Funk”

Play this video

Mousse T.

We played together with "Fun Key B." and this was a long time ago ...
Our Mustafa landed 2 hits (Horny & Sexbomb) and was regarded "as remix king & talent collector" after that. I have made a lot with him in the studio anyway and I was with his first solo CD on tour.

Sexbomb (live)

Keep on pumpin (live)

... the hornsection! (live)

CD “69 Overdrive”

CD “69 Overdrive”



With Spice we were most productive "Sex & Drugs & Rock 'n' Roll"!
I still had pictures & little films of various tours here but
unfortunately, the material was put on the index ...

CD “69 Overdrive”  CD “69 Overdrive”

Do’n it

Loose it

CD “69 Overdrive” CD “69 Overdrive”

CD “Bossa Nova
Just Smells Funky”

That's the band...!

Bahama Soul Club


The band that is active at the moment with many good friends of mine. Country of origin: Nassau/Bahamas. We’ll leave it at this ... Anyhow it is a great band with an international air play!

Bossa Bop

Serious Soul

Sugar Cane (live)

Gruppenfoto Cassette”

Pic of the band!

Yo, there still were cassettes there...

Subtone Jazz

Among others we played with the Subtone Jazz Quartet 1 ½ years 5times a week standards in a hotel bar. This was actually my best schooling! There is happened that we had a Session with STEVIE WONDER!!! After that we began to play pieces of our own and played in some Jazz Clubs. It was beautiful and I have profited much.

Kings Tune

Anna Maria

Goodbye Pork Pie Hat (Subtone live at “Palo Palo”)

CD “69 Overdrive”

LP “Makes me a fool”


Oh, this band was quite important for me ... Jazz fusion of the best!

Macunjana (live)


LP “In the mood”

HBB Band

Hannover Big Band

My first big band! We rehearsed in the studio of the NDR and I learned the basic repertoire of the big band literature. In summer 1989 we made a tour through DDR which was quite unbelievable.I’M still grateful to have had this experience. What a different world this was...! Caused by my enthusiasm I got a Stasi entry because of leaving my group and socializing with the audience which was forbidden.

Four Brothers

CD “69 Overdrive”

With “Pop meets Classic” in BS

CD “69 Overdrive”

With Phil Collins at “Wetten, dass...”

YORK with other heroes!

National & international.
Here a selection:

With Quincy Jones “Stomp, the RMX”

With Randy Crawford & Joe Sample

With Inner Circle

With Fury in the Slaughterhouse

With Brotherhood Creed

With Till Brönner